Let the Trades Begin!

In sfgiants.com, I got this quote from Sabean:
"We've got a couple of irons getting warmer in the fire," he said. "Right now, we could trade a position player for a starting pitcher, but we're not real enamored with it. We could trade a reliever for another reliever, or a reliever for a position player."

The key question is: who are they thinking of trading?

Initial guesses include either Feliz/Alfonzo (maybe even Durham or perhaps Winn if they are finding it hard to sign him to a long-term deal) for a starting pitcher, Hawkins for another (cheaper or LOOGY) reliever, or Hawkins for a position player (presumably 1B/OF).


Blogger obsessivegiantscompulsive said...

Just saw this on SJ Merc: "Giants General Manager Brian Sabean said that in place were three trades he could make instantly, and added that ``we've got a couple of irons that are getting warmer in the fire,'' for a free-agent pitcher and a position player."

Chris Haft noted, besides what I speculated, that one particular deal for the reliever for reliever is Tyler Walker for a left-hander, which makes sense, I'm kicking myself for not thinking of that one. However, it better be a good lefty, Walker was successful closing (not great, but successful) so that should be worth something to a team looking to pick him up.

I still think Hawkins must be the reliever, the Giants are boxed in by their payroll and trading Hawkins would clear up a lot of space to pick up a better 1B.

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