Sheriff Ned to the Rescue: Part I

Ned Colletti, the sly dog, has learned well from the master. Sabean knows how to say things without saying things. Ned noted offhand that he has spoken with the Marlins but demured on what the conversation was about in a MLB.com news article. Then why bother mentioning it? Just say I've been speaking with teams.

I love this quote from him about his top aides in the Dodgers management hierarchy: "I really haven't given it much thought."

Of course, it is a little out of context, here's the entire quote, after indicating that the top front office aides he inherited remain in place:

"We're all pulling together," he said. "We're all getting to know each other. It's full-steam ahead. We have a lot of work to do together. I'm relying on them. They're part of the team. I don't have plans to do anything else. I really haven't given it much thought."

A Giants fan can take that last quote to two deliciously delightful conclusions. One, he truly didn't give much thought to it, which would indicate that he's a moron. Or Two, he was given very little power over shaping the Dodgers front office, which mean that he will be handcuffed by the McCourts before he can do anything. That means there will be cases of owner interference a la Steinbrenner and, if they don't see eye to eye, well, he loses.

I find the next quote to be unbelievable:

As he did when he was hired nearly a week ago, Colletti said payroll is not currently an issue.
"I've conversed with Frank and Jamie McCourt about who I think we need to help us," he said. "I haven't been told to slow down, stop, turn around."

He said ownership has not given him a payroll limit and he said he doesn't "have a need for a direct number right now."

No payroll limit? Puh-lease, McCourt is in debt to his eyeballs with the team, there is a limit there somewhere, he doesn't have deep pockets. Colletti is working off some number, probably last year's budget, so any moves he makes will take that as the target, at minimum, give me a break! Either that or Colletti has no imagination at all in terms of pursuing free agents. But it is nice tap-dancing for the fan-base to make it look like the McCourts aren't penny-pinching, and, don't worry, Sheriff Ned is in charge.

And he had to speak with the wife too about Dodger matters? I haven't seen his wife make any public statements yet. I haven't any indication that she is that interested in the Dodgers. Can't you just picture this conversation: "But honey, I don't like the way he looks, trade him away!" "But Kent is one of our better players..." "I don't care, I don't like the way his mustache leers at me"


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