Matt Cain interview on KNBR Hot Stove Show, Thursday Nov. 17

Not a ton of information and the broadcast was not available on KNBR when I checked last night. Interesting tidbit I did not catch from any other source yet was that Sabean was looking for two starting pitchers, not just one, as most fans have been assuming from his public statements on what the Giants top needs this off-season will be that he was only looking for one.

There was also an interview with Matt Cain. He called in from Memphis, Tennessee, his hometown and home. He and Brad Hennessey and Jack Taschner have been talking during the off-season. He thought Eyre was a good guy in the clubhouse. What he did during the season has just started to sink in, that he was in the majors, etc.

Personal goals for 2006 (I was most impressed by his maturity and thoughtfulness; he said this without much, if any, hesitation, showing he has thought these through already):
  • stay healthy (particularly important after Jerome Williams came into camp two years in a row out of shape)
  • get better
  • lot of improvement to do (impressive, some would crow about their accomplishments - and Matt had some great ones despite only 7 starts - but he was "aw shucks, head to the grindstone" type of attitude)
  • need to throw strikes more consistently (walks are his one big flaw)
  • learned how to throw a slider last season, wants to continue to improve that pitch
  • want to throw his changeup better to lefthanded hitters
  • figure out how to pitch well even when you don't have any good stuff (how often will you hear a pitcher talk about doing this?)

The Giants did not tell him anything after the season ended about their plans for 2006 for him.

I think the Giants got themselves one gem of a person here, let alone starting pitcher. They would have to get one mega-serious offer to even consider trading Matt Cain, multiple starting players, etc. I would be greatly disturbed if the Giants trade him away at any point. I am hoping the Giants lock him in for a long term contract by the end of next season, if not sooner, lasting to his free agent year. As good as I felt about Ainsworth, Williams, and Foppert, my feelings for Cain outdo all of them, based on what I heard about and from them before they started pitching a significant amount of time for us.

Now if only my feelings for a player get translated into real results. :^) Hopefully Matt can deliver on the promise that his minor league and major league results presents so far and prove my intuition correct. Go Giants!


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