Dodgers to Sign Furcal for 3 year, $40M - Hooray, the end is nigh!

Rejoice, as the Dodgers have signed up their own Alfonzo! Though at that salary, it is basically two Alfonzos! I think this deal is a very strong evidence that Sheriff Ned is the culprit in the Giants front office for some of the crazy contracts we've seen during the Sabean era.

The evidence, forthwith, Furcal's stat lines:

Career on the road: .264/.330/.386/.716 in 1669 AB.

Away in 2005: .246/.311/.346/.657 in 301 AB.

He's a home boy: in Atlanta, he hit .305/.366/.432/.798 in 1589 AB.

Plus his career at Dodger Stadium: .157/.253/.200/.453 in 70 AB.

I don't know my stats well enough to know whether that's significant or not, but it sure looks like his home and away are significantly different.

The more money the cash strapped Dodgers waste on players like Furcal and Drew (their Durham doppelganger), the better off we are. At those potential offense performance levels suggested by his away stats, Furcal's not much better than Neifi with the bat. Only his speed differentiates him, but most saber studies don't find any great connection between SB and scoring runs - at a success rate (78%) just under the 80% that most people consider to be the crossover point at which SB is actually productive. And he's no Ozzie Smith with the glove, which is what he'll probably have to be to make up for the offense it looks like he'll provide playing for the Dodgers.

The Dodgers are stewpid, to paraphrase Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory, for signing Furcal to such a huge contract, even if he could hit what he hit for Atlanta, his .777 OPS in 2005, still only ranked 7th among players who played SS in 2005 and qualified (out of 21); I think only Jeter and A-Rod are the only SS who have higher salaries (A-Rod should be SS). His road OPS of .716 would only rank 12th in the majors, out of the 21 qualifying SS. Both are OK but not $13M per year good.

This is a huge mistake if the Dodgers are as strapped for cash and by debt as I've been led to believe from accounts I've read about McCourt's finances. Goody for the Giants!


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