Snow in LA? Hope for it, Pray for it!

Now that Snow is officially an ex-Giant, he is searching for new employment. And he prefers close to his San Mateo home so he probably wants to stay on the West Coast, preferably California. And it happens that someone who admired him is now GM of the Dodgers and they are one of the contenders for his services.

Some Giants fans are hoping Snow doesn't go there, but a part of me does. Not necessarily from the evil part of me, hoping that Snow slows up their offense, though that's a possibility, 2005 was his first season where he couldn't generate adequate HR power on the road, something he was able to do even in his injury plagued seasons.

No, I'm hoping that he signs with them because it could help out the Giants. The Dodgers recently signed Furcal and obviously he's playing SS. Former starting SS Izturis is out anyway with injury and surgery recovery and is scheduled to return mid-season, whereupon the plan is to move him to 2B, which would push our ol' buddy, Jeff Kent, to 1B. So currently lefty hitting power hitter Hee Seop Choi would be out of a job by then anyway (Ironically, if Snow signs and starts plus they get Mueller, another rumor, the Dodgers could be starting Snow, Kent, and Mueller in the infield; and Jose Vizcaino is a free agent if they are looking for backup MI...).

However, at the moment, the Dodgers are keeping Choi to play 1B for the first half that Kent isn't playing there. But, here's where Snow comes into play for the Giants: if he signs with LA for under $1M, then the Dodgers won't have any need for another lefty 1B only like Choi who could expect to make $2-3M in arbitration plus there would be no need for him by mid-season anyway, so the Dodgers would non-tender him and make him a free agent on Dec. 20th. Then the Giants could sign him to play 1B and be our lefty power-hitting bookend to Niekro's righty power-hitting bookend at 1B. Wouldn't that be special? Amen, brethren!

I would still prefer Adrian Gonzalez, if I had my druthers, but he'll cost us a good prospect to obtain whereas Choi could fall into our pocket for just $1-2M if Snow signs with LA. Make it so, Sheriff Ned, make it so.


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