More on Morris, Part 2

Today's newspapers have additional info from the press conference that was cut short on KNBR due to Ralph Barbieri cutting us all off to discuss the Raider's inept offense and to have a scary screaming match with a Raiders fan. For me, it was the verbal equivalent of a rumble.

Got these tidbits off of accounts from the Chronicle and Mercury:

  • Biggest interesting item was that Sabean noted that they were pursuing BOTH Loaiza and Morris hard (one of my questions above), which would have busted the budget, but he would have done it and asked questions (and presumably trade players) later. In that scenario, I could see how that Schmidt trade rumor popped up, perhaps that's how the Giants would have dumped salary - no other real way I could see.
  • Merc noted that Sabean might consider #5 starters on fringes of free agent market.
  • Also, he's trying to trade a position player for a left-handed hitter (note the lack of the phrase "power" in there) since the Morris chase took his eye off Mueller;
  • Gathright rumor repeated though with term "known to have pursued" meaning the chase is off;
  • lastly, he said he's trying to trade Alfonzo but isn't actively pushing Feliz.
  • Schulman of Chronicle got some good quotes in his column. Gives a great flavor of Morris' intensity and competitiveness.
  • Said Sabean noted Morris' reputation as a pitcher who rises to importance of the game and his drive.
  • Quotes Matheny, "We've had some good battles together against the other team and against each other on the mound. He's intense. He's one of those guys you know you're going to get everything he's got."
  • Matheny also explained how Morris and Carpenter encouraged each other in the weight room and clubhouse, says "if you ask Chris, he'll pass on a lot of credit [for Cy Young] to Matt."
  • I like the quote from Morris on his definition for gamer, which is what Sabean called him in the meeting: "To me, it's a guy who takes the ball every fifth day and competes with intensity whether he's sharp or not, and the other four days are spent pushing the other guys. I'm not going out there every fifth day and then sitting around for four days drinking coffee. It's such a long season, you want everyone to be happy. You want everybody to compete. That's the type of player I am." Now that's what I like to see in a ballplayer.
  • Shea got some good bits of info as well. There was a long quote from Magowan: Morris better track record than Loaiza, most of best pitchers controlled by Boras so there will be a long and drawn out process to sign them and there was a premium to get something done fast (like Giants wanted is the impression I got); Morris brings lot to table, reminds him of Smoltz in leadership and winning and talking to other pitchers; plus he's 3 years younger than Loaiza.
  • Magowan also reiterates $85M payroll range figure (2nd year in roll we are at that figure).
  • Interestingly, the Red Sox called Sunday hoping to enter the bidding, so we may have dodged a bullet there (for those who want Morris; I like the guy, hate the money).
  • Lastly, a quote from Morris on pitchers who throw a lot of innings: "I guess it's a rare commodity nowadays, a guy who can throw a ton of innings, 200 innings. There's nothing better for a manager and a bullpen. I'm looking to save the bullpen and win some games."


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i think you'll definitely get a couple good years out of Matty.

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