Alfonzo traded for Finley of the Angels

Giants just had to make me post...

The prototypical "Give me your lousy contract, I'll give you mine" type of deal. Both players are owed $8M eventually, both players really, really, really stunk it up last season. Both players now get another chance with their new team. Finley said all the obligatory statements about being excited joining such a good team.

We all know Alfonzo's bad stats, so I'll go over some positives for Finley for the Giants. While Alfonzo was absolutely Neifi-ish for the Giants in 2005, except for hitting at SBC, Finley at least hit well against LHP, batting .271/.317/.441/.758, oddly enough since he's a lefty, but poorly against RHP, batting .201/.252/.347/.600. One partial season results but he did get 118 AB vs. LHP and 288 vs. RHP, so there was a significant number of ABs. He averaged a homer every 39 AB vs. LHP and a homer every 32 AB vs. RHP, which is a heck of a lot better than Alfonzo did against either. He also hit better on the road, but it was still bad, .236/.278/.409/.687 on the road, .204/.263/.331/.594 at home. The Angel's home killed his power, he only average a homer every 60 AB at home vs. a homer every 25 AB on the road, so his power was still around, just not his batting average, so maybe last year was a fluke - I'll have to look at his peripherals when I get a chance and see what the tea leaves say.

What If?

One thing I'm worried about is what the Giants will do next. I just assumed that Finley would be the backup when I first heard about the trade and thus I was all for it. However, I just had this ugly thought: now that Sabean thinks he has an everyday CF, could he trade Winn to fill other needs? Like starting pitcher or power lefty 1B?

I really like Winn and would not want to see him gone. However, it's known that the Giants offered a contract extension to Winn in early Nov and was suppose to finalize things during the Winter Meetings but we haven't heard anything yea or nay on the deal - I have to assume things are not going well. It helps that Jacque Jones signed, and he only got 3 years, $16M, so maybe Winn's demands won't be that bad anymore, something in the same range since they seem to be similar players, from my cursory knowledge of both players (please correct me if I'm wrong on this detail).

And now Finley comes in and he says that he's going into spring training looking to win a starting position. Well, with Bonds, Alou and Winn in the mix, his only real chance is beating out Winn. Thus, what if the Giants believe the same, that he's good enough so maybe trade Winn, like they did Hawkins (we should have gotten more in the deal!). With Ellison as adequate backup (in their heads; I would not feel the same), they might feel good about making that trade to fill other holes.

I guess it depends on who we get in the deal but right now, my faith in Sabean's trading ability is at a low ebb, buoyed only by the Winn trade, but there hasn't been many trades that worked out for the Giants for many years now, perhaps since the Schmidt trade. So I'm worried that we would not get equal value for Winn in a trade. Hopefully I'm just being silly but I'll keep my fingers crossed just in case...


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