Thanks to Robb Nen

I wanted to post my thanks to Robb Nen for many years of excellent service on the news of his retirement. He gave us his all for all those years and, better yet, rubbed it into Beck's face when he tried to leverage the Giants for a big contract only to see Sabean outmanuever him by trading for Nen, leaving Beck forced to sign a much smaller contract with the Cubs. Sabean does not like to be played against another team, as Baker found out as well.

However, I still wish that he would have been more of a team player and renegotiated his $9M contract for 2004 into, say, a 3-year, $10M contract, maybe 3/3/3/1 with escalators based on games played plus saves attained. That would have saved us $6M in budget in 2004 and either allowed us to retain F-Rod for the whole season and/or allowed us to go out and sign someone like Urbina or Benitez. His big contact severely hurt our chances to win in the playoffs in 2003 and 2004.

I know, crying over spilled milk, but when we get Nada for $18M and waste two brilliant years from Bonds, I think we are allowed a bit of complaining.


Blogger Butta said...

Robbie, take care, we'll miss you, thanks for putting your career on the line for us in 2002.

Fri Feb 25, 01:02:00 AM PST  

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