Sometimes bad things just happen

Title linked to nice article in the Contra Costa Times that basically mirror my thoughts: the Giants have had a lot of bad breaks this year. And perhaps it is karma that it is happening now, the Giants have been dodging the bullet the past few years in terms of playing older players and getting good production out of them, though as the author notes, Benitez and Schmidt were not the ones most people pointed at when complaining about the old team. And I would note that Herges and Brower were not either (how bad are the Braves scuffling to pick up Brower now? I wish him all the best though, except when pitching against the Giants). Plus I suppose karma might be in play regarding Bonds and his Balco connection, it seems more and more obvious that we have only seen the tip of the iceberg, not a molehill.

And my bad for my Vizquel rant in my last post. As one commenter noted, I should check my stats first to be absolutely sure, but I'm a pretty anal person as it is and I've been working on letting go checking things to the Nth degree, which I did for this one. My problem was that I had Vizquel as my SS on my fantasy team and he hadn't done anything for a month so I let him go and I just hadn't noticed that he's put together a pretty good hitting streak since then (though minimal SB, which was the main reason I dropped him, he didn't add HR or much SB for a whole month). So good for him, leading off and charging up the offense, and leading them to a win.

It's not the first time I'm wrong and it won't be the last, but hopefully I will keep them minimized. But PLEASE keep your comments clean - and I will too henceforth - I'm just experimenting and not sure where this will lead, I'm just a Giants fan and I'm doing this for fun and for the experience. I just don't want to be led to the "dark" side as I've gotten into dirty skirmishes in public boards before and I don't want to relive that part of my life again.

And feel free to dissent from my opinion, as that is all it it, and I get things wrong sometimes as I just shown here. Just as long as you remember that it is just your opinion too and you can get things wrong as well. Just lay off the old SNL routine of "Jane, you ignorant slut" and try to have a nice discussion.

Ultimately, though, this is not a democracy I'm running, it's my blog, if you feel the need to run off at the mouth or instigate a fight, Blogger is GREAT, it's FREE, use it to run your own blog where you can rant all you want, with all the foul, derogatory language that your brain can muster, just like I get to write whatever I feel like. It's kind of like that MASH episode, I can walk in, I can walk out, I can do whatever I please. Of course, then your name is out there for everyone to see and you can see how it feels like to deal with anonymous commenters.

But I prefer to leave commenting available because I know that I'm not right all the time, just lay off the name calling and foul language. Thanks and take care! And Go Giants!


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