Giants Prospect No-Hitter in WBC: Shairon Martis

Now that's a name for Giants fans to remember: Shairon Martis. He no-hit the Panamanian team (both teams were 0-2 going into the game) in 7 innings exactly on the 65 pitches he was limited to and the game ended due to the mercy rule, 10-0. MLB description here.

However, it is a little flukey. One, the Panamanian team is not exactly filled with major leaguers, though they have one or two good hitters. Only major league hitters were, in order of accomplishments, Carlos Lee, Olmedo Saenz, and Ruben Rivera. So, star, journeyman, below-replacement level. Which means all the rest were even worse. And the three only had 5 AB between them (Saenz had the walk so 6 PA) in the 7 inning game.

Second, he had ZERO strikeouts plus 1 walk. Apparently they swung at pitches early in the count and got themselves out. Or hit into a double play, which Martis needed in order to finish the game because it came on his 65th pitch with him needing two outs to finish the game. Reminds me of the no-hitter Babe Ruth was involved in. He walks the first guy and gets thrown out for arguing with the umpire. His relief pitcher came in and I think picked off the runner then proceeded to set the rest of the lineup down for a 27 batter no-hitter, perfect for him but imperfect because of Ruth's walk.

Martis, a soon to be 19 year old RHP from Curacao, pitched for the Giants' rookie-league Arizona League farm team last season. Baseball America rated him the 10th best prospect in the league. In 34.0 IP, he gave up 28 hits (1 HR) and 9 walks, getting 50 strikeouts, and giving up 10 R/7 ER for a 2-1 record with 1.85 ERA. Not only was his hit rate and HR rate very low, his K-rate was extremely high and he still had a very good BB-rate, around 2.4 per 9IP, which obviously all led to a low WHIP of 1.09. According to this article, he is likely to begin the season at Augusta in the low-A Sally League.

Too early to get all that excited about a prospect but still a name to keep your eye out for: Shairon Martis. Maybe in 3-4 years?


Anonymous Lyle said...

Martin, it's *never* too early to get excited about a prospect - that's the fun of it! Remember, "fan" comes from fanatic.
So I guess it's time to start the "Waiting for Shairon" website...

Wed Mar 15, 09:11:00 AM PST  

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